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O=open to anyone interested in NA
C=closed for addicts only or for those who feel they themselves may have a problem with addiction
H=Handicapped accessible



This information last updated April 30th, 2018


11:00 am:

Sunday Morning Reflections; 1035 N 33rd St (33rd St entrance) O/H/Just For Today

3:00 pm: 

First Step Mission 110 Q street Peoples City mission  O

6:15 pm: 

Ladies & Gents of NA; 2222 S 16th St; Bryan-LGH Plaza; Conference Room “C”  O/H/75 mins 1st Sunday-Tradition Study

7:00 pm: 

Sunday Night Solutions; 2015 S 16th St; Christian Center; Step & Tradition  Study  O 

8:00 pm: 

(David City) 372 s 9th, Butler County Health Care Clinic O


12:00 noon:

Back To Basics; 504 S 7th St, Lincoln, NE 68508 O/H, Just For Today 

6:00 pm: 

Women’s Step Study;2915 S 16th; Southminister Methodist Church—2nd Floor  closed mtg

7:30 pm:

Road to Recovery; 1420 K St; St Mary Catholic Church; E. side, S. door; basement: O/H/Just For Today/75 mins 
(wheelchair access, N side, W door)


12:00 noon:

Show Me How To Live;  3rd Floor; The Bridge 504 S 7th st, Lincoln, NE 68508 O/H

6:00 pm: 

Recovery At Work Group; 1645 N Cotner Blvd Bethany Christian Church

7:30 pm:

Let It Out; 1144 M St, Saint Paul United Methodist Church Rm 027; O/H/75 (use south door entrance)

8:00 pm:

Never Alone; 3rd Floor;  The Bridge 721 K St, Lincoln, NE 68508 O/H 


7:00 pm:

Wednesday Night Wild Women;1035 N 33rd St(33rd st entrance)  O/H/Women’s

7:30 pm:

Boys to Men; 1124 North Cotner Boulevard; O/H/Men’s/90 min (Use north entrance)

7:30 pm:

Welcome Home;2222 S 16th; Bryan-LGH Plaza; Conference Room “1A”   O/H/CL


12:00 noon:

Antlers:  605 S 10th street room 134 O/H(this mtg is in a building that is closed on holidays)

7:00 pm:

One Promise;2225 Washington; Grace Lutheran Church; Enter in the rear (Literature Study)   O/H

7:30 pm:

How & Why; Christ United Methodist Church at 4530 A St. The meeting is downstairs in room 118 the Niobrara room.  O/H/ Step/Tradition 75 min mtg

8:00 pm:

(Tecumseh) T-n-T SENCA building 172 South 4th street O


12:00 noon:

Back to Basics; 504 S 7th St; O/H/Just For Today

6:30 pm:

Happy Havelock Group; 5945 Fremont St, United Luthern Church  O/H/90 mins

8:00 pm:

Lost & Found;2222 S 16th; Bryan-LGH Plaza; Conference Room “B”  O/H

9:30 pm:

(Nebraska City)

Nebraska City Flockers 406 N 22nd ave The Life House Church O


9:00 am: 

  Saturday Morning Social; 1035 N 33rd St (33rd St entrance) O/H Just For Today

9:00 am: 

(Nebraska City) Experience Strength and Hope Meeting; 200 N 3rd Riverview Terrace  O (doors open @ 8:45 am)

7:00 pm:

One Promise-Saturday Night Live; 2222 S 16th; Bryan-LGH Plaza; Conference Room “C”  O/H (Step/Tradition)

7:30 pm:
CRETE)  440 E 12 St; United Church; west entrance; O

8:00 pm:
(Hebron) Turning Point: 145 S 4th O/H