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meeting list Sept 2020

O=open to anyone interested in NA
C=closed for addicts only or for those who feel they themselves may have a problem with addiction
H=Handicapped accessible


This information last updated on Aug 31st, 2020

Meetings in green still currently closed until further notice.

Meetings in Black open in person

Meetings in Blue are meeting via Zoom


6:15 pm: canceled until further notice

Ladies & Gents of NA; 2222 S 16th St; Bryan-LGH Plaza; Conference Room “C”  O/H/75 mins 1st Sunday-Tradition Study

7:00 pm:  

Sunday Night Solutions; 2015 S 16th St; Christian Center  Step & Trad  Study/speaker  O

“Temp moved to  1333 N 33rd street “Connection Point church”


6:00 pm: 

Women’s Step Study; 1035 N 33rd (City Impact) C/H

7:30 pm: canceled

Road to Recovery; 1420 K St; St Mary Catholic Church; E. side, S. door; basement: O/H/Just For Today/75 mins

8:00 pm:
(GENEVA) Clean Air group:  1026 O St; Lutheran Church; O/H


6:00 pm: 

Recovery At Work Group; 1645 N Cotner Blvd Bethany Church   O/H/90 min mtg

7:30 pm:

Let It Out; 1144 M St, Saint Paul United Methodist Church Rm 027; O/H/75 (Masks required as well as other covid guidelines)

8:00 pm:

Never Alone; 721 K st; 3rd Floor; (in smaller Gathering Room)The Bridge O/H/Speaker
Last Tuesday of month


7:00 pm:

Wednesday Night Wild Women; O/H/Women’s 90 min 1035 N 33rd (City Impact)

7:30 pm:  
Boys to Men; 1124 North Cotner Boulevard; O/H/Men’s/90 min “Temp moved to 6520 Colfax Ave (Havelock Christian Church)”

7:30 pm: canceled until further notice

Welcome Home; 2222 S 16th; Bryan-LGH Plaza; Conference Room “1A”   O/H/CL


7:00 pm:

   One Promise: Temp moved to 721 K st; 3rd Floor; “The Bridge” (in smaller Gathering Room)

7:30 pm: 

How & Why; Christ United Methodist Church at 4530 A St. The meeting is downstairs in room 118 the Niobrara room.  O/H/ Book study “Works How & Why”

Enter Zoom meeting ID 221038915

8:00 pm:

(Tecumseh) T-n-T SENCA building 172 South 4th street O


6:30 pm:
Happy Havelock Group; 5945 Fremont St, United Luthern Church  C/H/60 min

“Temp moved to 1035 N 33rd St, (city impact) ” “Masks Are Required” click for other Mtg COVID Guidelines

8:00 pm: canceled
Lost & Found;2222 S 16th; Bryan-LGH Plaza; Conference Room “B”  O/H


9:00 am: 

  Saturday Morning Social; 1035 N 33rd St (33rd St entrance) O/H Just For Today

7:00 pm:  

Saturday Night Live; 2222 S 16th; Bryan-LGH Plaza; Conference Room “C”  O/H (Step/Tradition/JFT)

Enter Zoom meeting ID 460-769-915

(Falls City) Face Everything & Recover (FEAR); 1322 Stone St,  O/H spk 1st Sat of month

8:00 pm:
(Hebron) Turning Point: 145 S 4thO/H 

11:00 pm: 

Saturday Serenity:  3rd Floor;  The Bridge 721 K St; O/H small meeting room

Enter Zoom meeting ID: 816 4773 0486

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