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Downloadable Service Manuals & Pamphlets
Service Manuals:

Public Relations Handbook
:   The Public Relations Handbook is a service tool which encompasses various facets of NA public relations including planning, the media, criminal justice professionals, treatment, healthcare, phonelines, internet technology, event planning, fellowship development, and government.

Public Relations Basics: PR Basics contains material from the Public Relations Handbook which has been simplified. It was designed for members who are considering PR/PI service and desire to gain a basic understanding of PR principles. 

Planning Basics:  Planning for NA services asks us to think ahead, take time to prepare and develop action plans to reach identified goals.  Opportunities for planning begin with the identification of issues that affect our ability to provide consistently effective services.  This booklet provides information on how to plan for services and includes a facilitator's outline and a service inventory.
Hospitals & Institutions Handbook:  This handbook was developed by the World Service Conference H&I Committee based on extensive input from H&I subcommittees throughout the fellowship. Every attempt was made to tap the wealth of H&I experience that exists in our fellowship and use it here to provide the most up-to-date policies, concepts, and procedures for providing H&I services.

Guide To Local Services: This handbook includes topics such as:  NA service structure, Twelve Concepts, Developing NA communities, The NA Group, The Area Service Committee, The Regional Service Committee, & more.

Guide To World Services:  This handbook includes topics such as:  The NA Service Structure, NA World Services, The World Service Conference, Service units of the World Service Conference, Conference policies & more.

Group Treasurer's Workbook:  This handbook is meant to help us use NA's money responsibily, at all levels of service.  This handbook includes:  Guidelines for the member, guidelines for the Group Treasurer, procedures for accurate Group Record keeping, fiiling in the Group check register form, procedure for reconciling the Group check register form & more.

Institutional Group Guide:  This material has been designed to introduce you to some of the aspects of the program and Fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous as well as to provide an aid to beginning and maintaining a  Narcotics Anonymous meeting in a long-term setting.

Service Pamphlets:  Service pamphlets (SP’s) are intended for use as a resource for groups and service bodies.

An Introduction to NA Meetings:  Offers a welcoming introduction, and explains practices unfamiliar to those at their first meetings, and provides tips for groups to preserve an atmosphere of recovery.

Group Business Meetings:  This pamphlet includes thoughts on effective group business meetings as well as a sample format and discussion topics.

Group Trusted Servants: Roles & Responsibilities:  A service begins in the groups, which carry the message directly to still-suffering addicts. This piece describes a few basic group service positions.

Disruptive & Violent Behavior  Groups occasionally experience challenges in maintaining an atmosphere of recovery. This pamphlet helps groups welcome members without allowing any threat to the safety of those attending a meeting.

NA Groups & Medication  Our Twelve Traditions remind us that medication use is a member’s personal decision, and is an outside issue for NA groups. This piece is intended for groups as they consider this issue. It does not address members’ personal decisions, nor does it try to change members’ opinions about medication. Groups are often better able to carry the message and welcome everyone when members come together to discuss this issue.

Principles and Leadership In NA Service   Explains the importance of effective leadership for quality NA services and addresses how our Twelve Concepts and principles are applied in service.  Highlights some of the skills and qualities of effective leaders, and how our service bodies can attract and cultivate leaders.

Social Media And Our Guiding Principles   The rise of social media and social networking in recent years has had significant and widespread effects on how members of our fellowship interact with one another.