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IP # 1: Who, What, How, and Why  This pamphlet contains excerpts from the NA White Booklet, including "Who is an addict?," "What is the NA program?," "Why are we here?," and NA's Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. 

IP # 2: The Group A simple guide to how the NA group works, the group's purpose, description of how to start an NA group, and the role of group trusted servants.

IP # 5: Another Look  This pamphlet encourages addicts to take a second look at their drug use and identify those things addiction cannot provide them.  "Any lifestyle seeking spiritual fulfillment seems to demand the very things missing in addiction: Freedom, goodwill, creative action, and personal growth."

IP # 6: Recovery and Relapse  An excerpt from the NA White Booklet, this pamphlet describes recovery in NA and identifies the warning signs of relapse.

IP # 7: Am I An Addict?  Twenty-nine questions and some key considerations to help a drug user decide if he or she is an addict.

IP # 8: Just For Today  Five positive thoughts for the recovering addict are the focus of this pamphlet.  Living "just for today"  means learning to live "in the now" rather than dwelling on resentments or projections.

IP # 9: Living The Program   A daily inventory worksheet based on the five point of "Just for Today" to help recovering addicts keep track of what they are doing to maintain and advance their recovery.

IP #10: Working Step Four In NA  "This is a model of what a thorough Fourth Step inventory might be."  The inventory itself covers resentments, relationships, self-obsession and self-centeredness, shame and guilt, times we felt victimized, fear, and assets.

IP #11: Sponsorship  Sponsorship, an experienced member guides a newer member, is a vital part of the NA program.  this introductory pamphlet helps provide an understanding of sponsorship.

IP #12: The Triangle of Self-Obsession  "Resentment, anger, and fear make up the triangle of self-obsession.  All of our defects of character are forms of these three reactions.  Self-obsession is at the heart of our insanity."

IP #13: By Young Addicts, For Young Addicts  This pamphlet focuses on crises young people often face on the road to recovery: hitting bottom, making a decision to enter recovery, and dealing with peer pressure and family problems.

IP #14: One Addict's Experience With Acceptance, Faith and Commitment  One recovering addict describes his introduction to Narcotics Anonymous and his journey through NA's first three steps.

IP #15: Public Information and the NA Member  A description of NA's public relations program and the individual member's role in that service.

IP #16: For The Newcomer  An explanation of the basics of the NA program for addicts attending their first meeting.  The pamphlet focuses on the effects of addiction, NA's Twelve Steps of recovery, what it feels like to be newly "clean," sponsorship, and confidentiality of membership.

IP #17: For Those In Treatment  "Treatment can help you start to live life drug-free," says this pamphlet.  "The support of other recovering addicts and an ongoing recovery program can help you continue living without the use of drugs.  In this pamphlet, we offer some suggestions to help you in your transition from treatment to continuing recovery in NA."

IP #19: Self-Acceptance  This pamphlet identifies a critical problem for many recovering addicts, lack of self-acceptance, and also identifies a potential solution to this problem: the Twelve Steps of NA.

IP #20: Hospitals & Institutions Service and the NA Member  Addiction drives thousands to "jails, institutions, and death."  That is why Narcotics Anonymous carries its recovery message to addicts in hospitals and institutions.  This pamphlet is an overview of H&I outreach to addicts in correctional facilities, addiction treatment centers, and hospitals.

IP #21: The Loner: Staying Clean In Isolation  Many addicts around the world are geigraphically isolated from other recovering addicts and cannot attend regularNA meetings; other addicts are prevented from attending meetings by illness, work schedules, and other factors.  This pamphlet describes how these members can participate in the NA program and find the support they need through the NA Loner Group, facilitated by NA World Service.

IP #22: Welcome To Narcotics Anonymous  This piece reinforces the message of the pamphlet, For the Newcomer, assuring the addict who has just arrived in NA that he or she can learn "to live drug-free one day at a time."

IP#23: Staying Clean On The Outside "Many of us first heard the Narcotics Anonymous message of recovery while in a hospital or institution of some kind."  "Transition from such places to the outside world is not easy under any circumstances," and this pamphlet attempts to help the reader through that transition.

IP #24: Money Matters - Self-Support In NA Aims to raise awareness and understanding of each member’s personal role in supporting NA services, and how this enriches our recovery.

IP #26: Accessibility For Those With Additional Needs  This pamphlet, an abbreviated version of the Additionsl Needs Resource Information, provides information on how we can best assist addicts with additional needs.  Emphasizes our primary purpose as it relates to: deaf/hearing impaired, blind/visually impaired, and physically impaired members.

IP #27: For The Parents or Guardians Of Young People In NA  This piece is meant to provide information about what NA is and how NA works.  It is particularly relevant for the caregivers of young people involved in Narcotics Anonymous.

IP #28: Funding NA Services  Provides a graphic representation of an important aspect of our Seventh Tradition: How we fund the services that help us carry our message to the addict who still suffers.