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Booklets: (These may be printed)

Narcotics Anonymous Little White Book  One of NA's earliest publications, the White Booklet was first published in the mid-1950s.  It contains basic definitions of the addict and the NA program, how and why the program works, what an addict can do to start recovering, and eight accounts of personal recovery experiences.

The Group Booklet  This is the primary guidebook for starting and maintaining an NA group.  That includes a sample meeting format and answers to key questions like:  What is an NA group?  Who can be a member?...and more.

Twelve Concepts for NA Service As the Twelve Steps offer NA's experience in personal recovery and the Twelve Traditions provide principles for group unity, so do the Twelve Concepts represent our fellowship's collective experience in developing, coordinating, and maintaining our services.

Introductory Guide To NA  Specially designed for newcomers, this pocket-sized paperback book contains the Basic Text's chapter on the Twelve Steps plus ten pamphlets.

Behind the Walls  This simple booklet, written by addicts recovering in Narcotics Anonymous, is designed specifically for individuals who are currently incarcerated and who may have a drug problem.

In Times of Illness This relied-upon booklet was recently revised to reflect members’ experiences with challenges such as mental health issues, chronic illness and pain, and supporting members with illnesses. It includes section summaries in the table of contents.

NA: A Resource In Your Community - 2012 Version  This pamphlet provides information about local NA services that may be available such as public service announcements, phonelines, literature sales, and NA presentations for health fairs, schools and professional conferences.