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Main Office
PO Box 9999
Van Nuys, California 91409 USA
Telephone (818) 773-9999
Fax (818) 700-0700


Business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM local time. 

We are closed on USA holidays.


Local standard time is GMT minus 8 hours. We also observe Daylight Savings Time.

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"A Guide to World Services" in Narcotics Anonymous(2010)
This document reflects the current policies for Narcotics Anonymous World Services, adopted by the World Service Conference. A Guide to World Services in Narcotics Anonymous is updated to reflect actions approved at each WSC and sent to conference participants. Copies of this document are also available for purchase from the WSO.

NA World Services Bulletins

Bulletin 21R:  The generation of funds (Fundraising) and the Seventh Tradition in NA
Bulletin 22R:  Direct Contributions
Bulletin 30R Theft of NA Funds
Bulletin 31 N:  Meeting Attendance Cards
Bulletin 32R:  USA Banking, EIN, and Tax Liability Information
Bulletin 33N:  USA Liability Insurance Bulletin

World Service Board of Trustee Bulletins

Bulletin 13:  Some Thoughts Regarding Our Relationship to Alcoholics Anonymous
Bulletin 15:  Open and Closed NA Meetings
Bulletin 17:  What Is Addiction?
Bulletin 18:  Special Interest Meetings
Bulletin 19:  Gender-Specific Language and Use of The Word "God" in NA Literature
Bulletin 20:  Freedom From Prejudice, Part I and II
Bulletin 23:  Participation and Decision Making At The World Service Conference
Bulletin 25:  Public Relations and the Traditions
Bulletin 27:  HIV and AIDS in NA
Bulletin 28 Freedom From Prejudice
Bulletin 29:  Regarding Methadone and Other Drug Replacement Programs